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BonTerra Coir Logs

BonTerra® Coir Logs

BonTerra® Coir Logs are strong and flexible logs made from 100 % compacted coir encased in a natural coir net or a strong durable PP net. For protection of streams and river banks, pond and lake edges. Alternative to hard revetments. Suited for precultivation. BonTerra®  Coir Logs can be produced with or without plant holes.

Technical Data:

Length: on request
Diameter: 20 cm – 25 cm -  30 cm – 40 cm – 50 cm
Tolerance in weight and diameter:  +/- 10 %




Plant Pillow

BonTerra® Plant Pillow

BonTerra® Plant Pillow consists of 100 % loose coir, sewn into a coir netting
HY 400  g/m² or HY 700 g/m².

Recommended Applications:
Precultivation with reeds and plants of the water zone.
Size and technical data on request.



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BonTerra® Special Products

BonTerra® Special Products are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Control System.