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BonTerra® Gabion and Weed Control Blanket

BonTerra® Gabion and Weed Control Blanket

BonTerra® Gabion and Weed Control Blanket is made from 100 % coir, stitched with a non-woven PP geotextile.


Recommended applications:
For the interior trim of wire baskets
For weed and erosion control

Technical Data:
Weight, dimensions and technical data on request.



BonTerra® K R3D Reinforced Coir Blanket

Erosion Control Blanket R3 D

BonTerra® K R3D
100 % coir blanket reinforced on upper side with a corrugated Polypropylene grid.
The BonTerra® K R3D coir blanket provides an immediate erosion and evaporation protection. 
The high tensile strength three-dimensional structure gives permanent support to the root growth of the new vegetation.


350 – 400 g/m² coir
Black PP net top and bottom 20 mm x 20 mm
Black corrugated high strength PP grid of 15 mm x 12 mm as second layer on top

Technical Data:
Roll: 2 m x 30 m
Diameter approx. 75 cm
Roll weight approx. 30 kg

Recommended Applications:

Areas prone to severe erosion
Long-term stabilization of vegetation 
Shore and bank protection against high velocity run-off or against frequently changing water levels



BonTerra® Special Solution Blanket

BonTerra® KCN4 or KCN7 Special Solution Blanket

BonTerra® K Special Solution Blankets consist of 100 % coir and are stitched on one or two sides with coir netting of 400 g/m² or 700 g/m².
The layers are stitched together with Jute/ Cotton thread. 
100% biodegradable.

Recommended Applications:

Shore protection, ski slopes and areas with a severe threat of erosion.
For long-term establishment of vegetation.

Technical Data:

Blanket weights and technical data available on request. 
Roll: 2 m x 25 m
Other dimensions available on request


4 - 5 years


BonTerra® KMWP Mulchmat

BonTerra® KMWP Mulchmat

BonTerra® KMWP Mulchmat consists of an approx. 600 g/m² coir blanket stitched on the upper side to a brown PP net and on the lower side to a black woven Polypropylene fabric.
The stitching is with a PP thread.

Material content:

Approx. 600 g/m² coir
Brown PP Net on top, mesh width 9 mm x 9 mm, PP thread
Black woven PP fabric on bottom, approx. 70 g/m²
UV stabilized

Dimension 1 roll:
Width 1 m or 2 m, Length 30 m

Approx. 3 – 5 years

Recommended Applications:

Weed and erosion control
Moisture conservation  



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BonTerra® Special Blankets

Blankets for various requirements and solutions.

All BonTerra® Blankets can be constructed of combinations of various materials. Examples: non-wovens, coir netting, geogrids, wire, foils, paper, etc. 

Let us know about your problem and we will gladly help you with a solution - perhaps with a BonTerra® Blanket for special applications.
BonTerra® Blankets are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Control System.

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